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How to Switch Accountants

Are you unhappy with your current accountancy service? Is your accountant not all they’re cracked up to be? Perhaps you’re wondering whether this is the same with every accountant.

Signs it’s time to switch your accountant

  • You’re paying a small fortune

Accountancy fees can really vary. You could be paying a small fortune at one firm, but get quoted a low monthly cost at another.

If you’re finding your accountancy fees sting a bit, or have even gone up in price since you first joined, it might be time to look elsewhere.

  • You’re bombarded with jargon

Having some uncertainty is one of the top reasons why people hire accountants. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the industry or tax law. However, if your accountant isn’t taking the time to help you understand what’s going on, you might be better with another accountant.

  • You feel like one in a long list

Accountants can be busy people, but that doesn’t mean a personalised service is out of the window. If you feel like your accountant simply doesn’t care, how can you trust them to manage your accounts?

Sound familiar? Don’t be afraid to switch accountants!

At Countplus, we’re dedicated to getting you the help you need and giving you the care and attention your business deserves.

Switching is a lot easier than you think. In fact, we will take care of the hard part and manage the transition for you.

All you’ll need to do is give us some details about your current accountant and we will contact them on your behalf.

Countplus will:

  • Inform your current accountant that you’ve switched – with a ‘clearance letter’
  • Request your current and previous financial records from them
  • Request any additional paperwork needed

We’ll do all the legwork so you can relax. Join Countplus today and you’ll be set up in no time at all.