Are you building your wealth through property investment?

Do you want to focus on growing your portfolio but tax worries are getting in the way?

When it comes to property investment, there are specialised tax requirements you need to abide by. Countplus is here to help you navigate it all.

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What tax do property investors need to pay?

If you decide to sell an investment property for more that you bought it for, you will probably have to pay Capital Gains Tax. This is a tax on the amount you’ve gained from selling, not on the whole amount.

Stamp Duty Land Tax is another tax you need to be aware of. However, this only applies to property valued over £125,000 or £150,000 for non-residential properties.

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How much tax will you owe from property investment?

This answer depends on a few different things.

  • If you’re a first-time buyer – Stamp Duty won’t apply to your first residential property if it’s under £500,000 in value
  • How much you’re buying and selling the property for
  • Whether you have bought and own any shares in property.

Aside from this, you will also need to pay Income Tax or Corporation Tax on your profits. That's a whole lot of tax to think about. If you’re unsure about anything property investment tax related, you could benefit from professional guidance.

Whatever your circumstances and tax needs, Countplus can support you every step of the way with our wealth of knowledge in the property sector.

Here at Countplus, we can help you:

  • Keep accurate financial records
  • Register for Self Assessment
  • Understand the different taxes you might be liable for or exempt from
  • Submit annual tax returns on time/li>
  • Become more tax efficient with our expert advice.

Join us, and we’ll help you manage your property tax so you can concentrate on growing your portfolio effectively and without tax worry.

We’ll take care of everything at Countplus. Get in touch today to learn more about our property investment accounting services.


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