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Are you a solicitor looking for help with your accounts and SRA reports? Countplus Accounting is on hand to help you.

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SRA Audits

Not only do we provide typical accounting services for small businesses, but we also offer help compiling SRA reports and much more. Our team of experts have considerable Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) experience and offer detailed insight in to compliance issues.

At Countplus Accounting we have a varied list of clients which incorporate many different sectors and cover all different business models and sizes. We are sure that we will be the right match for your business or personal financial needs and here is just a small sample of the types of businesses we deal with regularly.

What is an SRA report?

An SRA report is a report that solicitors must file to prove that they are meeting all of the legal requirements and regulations set forward by the government. It is a legal requirement that all solicitors submit a report to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) about any money passing through their clients’ accounts.

This is to protect the data and funds of clients who seek the service of a solicitor.

As a solicitor, that means you will need to do the following as part of an SRA report:

  • Prove that your clients’ money is safe
  • Reassure clients that you can safeguard their money
  • Reassure clients and the general public that money is being held appropriately
  • Provide the SRA with any information about the protection of client money.

All this information must be compiled and filed as an SRA compliance report on an annual basis.

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Why hire a professional to take care of your SRA reports?

An SRA report is an important review that requires great care and attention to detail. It’s not something we recommend solicitors attempt themselves without the guidance of someone experienced in compiling SRA reports.

That’s why hiring a professional is the best thing you can do for your legal practice.

As an accountant’s report is required, your best bet is to get in touch with an accountant who specialises in helping those in the legal services field.

How Countplus can help you submit SRA reports

Countplus Accounting offers more than your average accountancy firm. We also have plenty of experience working with solicitors and legal practices to help them abide by regulations.

Not only can we provide accountancy management services and tax return help, we can also help you create and submit SRA reports too.

We are partnered with some talented and careful auditors who will handle all of your auditing needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Our partnered specialists will help you with any SRA compliance reviews and will complete the necessary reports each year, submitting them on time.

Our SRA auditing service provides advice on how you can make control improvements to ensure future SRA compliance and how to reduce the likelihood of errors or misstatements.

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Countplus’ SRA compliance review service includes:

  • A completed Accountant’s Report
  • A completed SRA compliance annual report
  • Expert advice on safeguarding client monies and data
  • Expert advice on how to make control improvements for the future
  • General advice on accounting and tax return help, including Corporation Tax

By joining us, you’ll have all your accounts prepared and audited in accordance with the SRA rules as standard. We work closely with you throughout the whole process, answering questions you may have and offering advice where necessary to improve the process.

We can assure you that you will be in safe hands and your legal practice will soon enough be fully SRA-approved.

Get in touch with Countplus Accounting today to learn more about our SRA audit service. If you are also in need of any other accountancy management services, we offer a full range of accounting and tax services to ensure your practice is covered in all areas.

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