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How to Address Your Customers During COVID-19

You have no doubt by now seen numerous emails from businesses fall into your email inbox regarding COVID-19. If you’ve started to wonder if you should have already done this for your customers, don’t panic! There’s still time to reach out to your customers to let them know what’s going on. Here are some tips on how exactly to do that.

Stay informed

While it’s hard to maintain a level of consistency and reliability during this very difficult period, the way you communicate with customers is crucial.

If you’re not already up to date on the government’s stance and policies, it’s worth taking some time to read up on these. This can enable you to create your own policies and approaches for your business during this time.

Be clear about your approach

While there’s so little clarity during this time, if you can decide on and present your approach clearly to your customers this will help them worry about one fewer thing. If you are shutting down completely, make that clear. If you are taking your operations online or reducing hours, then your customers need to know this as soon as possible.

Make it clear on your website, social media channels and through emails. Things may change of course, but for now, clarity is preferable to uncertainty when it comes to business communications.

Be honest

If there are going to be disruptions in your business and the service you provide, it’s best to let customers know this as soon as you can. If you rely on shipping products out, delivery times are likely to be affected which makes it especially important to keep customers updated. This should help to reduce customer complaints during these difficult times.

Be professional

There’s a chance you might get some frustrated customers contacting you. As long as you’re doing what you can to keep customers happy and informed and are following government advice during the crisis, you can rest assured that you’re doing all the right things. Yet, there might still be unhappy customers to speak with.

It can be frustrating for you but it’s still important to remain professional and calm when dealing with complaints. We’re in a time that many of us were not prepared for so we need to do the best that we can and understand why people are scared or frustrated.

Provide updates

Email is probably the best way to get in touch with customers. You may notice that supermarkets are trying to keep customers updated whenever anything changes, whether it’s regarding new government announcements or changes in their own policy.

Doing this helps to keep your customers informed and shows that you’re taking the crisis seriously, doing whatever you can to keep your business running.

When designing your emails, make sure you address the situation clearly and directly in the email subject line to ensure people open it.

If you typically communicate with clients or customers via text or social media, then they may be good mediums to use as well as email.

Be careful with your marketing

COVID-19 is a sensitive subject at the moment and tensions are high. However, if you’re operating in an industry which is thriving right now, you may be wondering how to alter your marketing efforts, or if you should at all.

While businesses are still marketing themselves, make sure you’re very conscious of the messages you’re sending out to make sure they’re not insensitive.

Engaging in some charity work or helping those in need can go a long way into both helping people in need and making your business shine.

At Countplus Accounting, we’re currently offering free consultations for any businesses affected by COVID-19 who need help applying for government relief. We will help you understand what relief you might be eligible for and will discuss with you the steps towards applying for government help. To book a call in, simply follow this link.